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"Astronaut" technically applies to all human space travelers regardless of nationality or allegiance; however, astronauts fielded by Russia or the Soviet Union are typically known instead as cosmonauts (from the Russian "kosmos" (космос), meaning "universe", also borrowed from Greek) in order to distinguish them from American or otherwise NATO-oriented space travellers.

Comparatively recent developments in manned spaceflight made by China and other East Asian nations have also led to the rise of the term taikonaut (from the Mandarin "tàikōng" (太空), meaning "space"), although its use is somewhat informal and its origin is unclear.

Brand Name: Cosmonaut / Astronaut
Material: Resin Model
Quantity of Items in Set: 1
Scale: 1:9
Theme: Movie & TV
Age Range: > 10 years old
Model Number: XCSF43566 

FYI - This model is unpainted and unassembled.

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